Zach is a proud trustee and active member of Keys of Change and deeply believes that music can make this world a better place. He has participated in projects improving the lives of children and youth around the world through music education and access to live performances of classical music. 

Keys of Change, a charity organisation with the belief in its core that playing music can make this world a better place, was founded by the concert pianist Panos Karan in September 2010.  Playing music is one of the simplest yet strongest ways for individuals around the world to build bridges for peace and make a positive social change. Keys of Change also aims to promote and establish musical education and its benefits in remote areas around the world.


Since March 2011 Keys of Change has started a four stage musical journey across the entire length of the Amazon river, to play music for the local communities. Since then has travelled eight times to Fukushima (Japan) to work with tsunami survivors, twice to Sierra Leone to work with war torn communities, Uganda, Siberia, Bosnia, and India. 


In March 2014 Panos Karan and Zach Tarpagos, with the support of Keys of Change, founded the Fukushima Youth Sinfoinetta and in April of the same year they brought them to London for a performance at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. In August 2015, the Fukushima Youth Sinfonietta, Panos Karan and Zach Tarpagos performed at the Tokyo Opera City, at the presence of the Empress Michiko of Japan and in April 2016 they performed together in Boston Symphony Hall.

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BBC Proms - W.Gluck - Dance of the Blessed Spirits - Zach Tarpagos - Armonia Atenea
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